Artist & Engineer

Painter & Sculptor

Charenton le Pont & Montbonnot Saint Martin     


“In sculpture, I like to offer other modes of perception of the sensitive of our world, in a creative multi-craft approach”

“I want to create open paintings, keeping real images as a starting point, but creating ambiguities and tensions to give the viewer the power to feel and see them in their own way.”


GIL NOZIERE generally starts from a raw canvas and uses acrylic or oil paints.

For sculpture he uses different techniques to embody his approach. Earth, Plaster, Florentine Bronze, Steel, metal, Resins etc. 

Ambidextrous, He likes to work the works in parallel dynamics and by turning them in several positions.

"Working without freezing and keeping spontaneity: the essential difficulty is there. I currently paint from images of reflections in water to try to give a new opening to my paintings" - Do not show me the way I could not not get lost -

He developed his approach and perfected his technique throughout his studies, first scientific then at the Design Akademie of Eindhoven in Holland, at Strate College, at the Ateliers du Louvre in Paris and in various artists' studios.